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Character Design: An introduction

Arvalis-2012 by arvalis
What does 'Character Design' mean?
The character design is the process  which comes after the characterisation and consists in defining the character  through his/her physical appearance. 
We need to consider a character as a little fictional creature, human or not, that aims to please its creator and the public as well.
While the basic characterization of this fictional creature (his tastes, his fears, his behaviors) may take a little mental effort, as it is a sort of list of emotions, facts and feelings that come and go in the life of a character, the process of visual realization of this creature may not be as simple. That's why many writers and characters creators prefer to rely on experienced hands.
Also many of the mental aspects of the character are not possible to gain by using 'static' visual medium. For 'static' I mean all the illustrations and drawings unable to tell a
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Before you read this, I have to apologize for my English writing. I’m not bilingual so be kind please. But you can submit me your comments in English, I understand fairly well.
So let’s begin by the beginning. As long I remember, I’ve always draw. At the beginning, most of my sketch was animals. Some time after, I’ve tried to draw humans, but it was really basic. And then, at the end of my first school, one of my friends initiated me to the manga. For the one who find hard to make good proportions I recommend that kind of drawing. Well, at least, for me it definitely works, it had really helped me. Today, when I look to my very first sketching (Yeah, I still got those old things) I see that I had a really big problem with proportions a this time, like legs quite too much long compared with the rest of the body or a big head, the eyes not at the good place, for example too separate or too close…you know, that kind of stuff. So yeah, Manga are nice but I was still not satisfied by my kind of drawing style. Cause to tell the truth, I’ve always wanted to draw realistic peoples. With that in mind, for a long time, I’ve tried too improving my drawings but with the time, I had to recognize that it wouldn’t be like I was hoping. There was always the stamp of the manga that impregnated my character’s drawings. For a moment, it was turning me crazy, but at the end I finished by making with it. So now, if I had to describe my king of drawing, I’ll say that they’re half and half, half realistic and half manga. But it is what I prefer from drawing. Depending of each person they all have there own style of drawing.

Now I’m on deviantart!! It’s making a long time now that I go on that website. Is sooo cool!! I’ve always appreciated to see others artists talents. And some drawings are so awesome. I can’t believe that there peoples able to do that kind of amazing stuffs. But the most respectable thing with deviantart is that it allows people like me to improve their drawing skills.

Ok, ok! I finished my boring bla bla. So hope that you will like my creations.

Bonjour à tous!

Je suis nouvelle sur deviantart et je suis tellement contente! Ça l’air drôle comme ça que je dise ça mais j’ai envoyé mon premier print la semaine passé pis j’ai reçu une première réponse quelque minutes après pis là quand je l’ai vu j’était toute énervée. Merci pour les commentaires. Pis gêner vous pas, j’aime lire vos comments, c’est instructif pis encourageant!

Pour ceux qui n’aurait pas compris tous ce que j’ai écrit en anglais en haut, (Mon anglais écrit est pas fort) je vous fait un petit résumé en français.

En fait je disais que j’ai pas mal toujours dessiné. Depuis tout jeune je dessine. Au début je dessinais des animaux après j’ai commencé à essayer de faire des humains. Mais c’était un peu bof mais il faut ben commencer quelque part. Ensuite, j’ai une amie qui m’a fait connaître le manga. Donc, à peu près à partir du secondaire, je dessinais des persos mangas. Mais pour un bout de temps je cherchais mon style de dessin et c’était pas le manga. Je voulais dessiner du réaliste mais ça jamais vraiment donner ce que je voulais. Au final, mon style ça fini par être moitié manga moitié réaliste. Mais maintenant que j’y pense c’est ça que j’aime du dessin. J’entend souvent du monde dire : «Ah! Je dessine pas bien. Mes dessins y sont pas beaux. Les tiens sont mieux, je voudrait dessiner comme toi». Mais le problème, c’est que leurs dessins sont SUPER beaux. Ça m’énerve!! Même que si je voudrais essayer de faire le même genre de dessin qu’eux j’y arriverais pas. C’est parce qu’ont a pas le même style, c’est tout. Chaque artiste on leur façon de dessiner, leur style propre à eux et je pense que c’est ce qui rend le dessin et deviantart, par extension, si intéressants. …Alors je veux pas entendre personne me dire qu’il veulent mon style!! Développer votre style, découvrez-le et surtout appréciez-le.

Amusez-vous bien!


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